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What is DataBrew?

Harness developer pipelines for real-time data analytics and report generation.
A versatile platform where developers create, analysts explore, and managers decide—streamlining data flow for every role

What makes it unique?

More than just ETL

Launch event-driven architectures in days, not weeks with DataBrew. Streamline your data flow: transform, enrich, and seamlessly deliver to downstream services

Blazing fast pipelines

DataBrew accelerates your workflow with pipelines that launch in just 600ms, ensuring your real-time data streaming and updates begin swiftly, without delay.

Safe place for your data

Concerned about data privacy with third-party services? With DataBrew, your data's security is our top priority. Contact us to explore options for running our workers directly within your own cloud, ensuring peace of mind.

Use cases

With DataBrew, integration possibilities are limitless. Begin with ETL and database replication, then leverage this data for real-time report building. Construct Data Lakes and more, expanding your project's capabilities
Database replication
Provide low-latency tables replication across the databases to ensure your microservices always have the most actual data without building large infrastructure using Debezium or Kafka. DataBrew allows to you have 
logical replication for PostgreSQL and MySQL easily.
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Data events streaming
Seamlessly stream data from your databases to construct dynamic event-driven architectures or effortlessly build data lakes. Say goodbye to complex setups – our platform simplifies the streaming process, ensuring low-latency updates without the need for Kafka.Elevate your data management game with our competitive edge, offering a streamlined approach to real-time data integration and analytics."
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Blockchain streaming
Integrate blockchain data into your database may be hard. DataBrew makes it easier by allowing you to stream data changes directly to your database or message broker, like Kafka.
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Why DataBrew is better
than other solutions?

Deploy and maintain your data solutions with DataBrew at costs about 10 times lower than industry standard solutions like Debezium. Discover affordability without compromising on quality.


  • 1 Hour Integration
  • Generous free tier
  • No maintenance cost
  • Real-time processing
  • Reusable pipelines

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Debezium + Kafka
Connect Stack

  • Huge engineering effort
  • High maintenace cost
  • Long adoption time

From $250

Supported integrations



Apache Kafka





SQL Filter




Start with serverless data streaming. Great way to begin your journey with DataBrew to ensure that's the thing you have been waiting so long
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  • 2 Active data pipelines
  • 5Gb Data replicated / month
  • Slack notifications and alerts
  • Up to 5 team members
  • Email support


Let's get things serious
Suitable for companies who have higher demand for amount of data they need to transfer
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  • High-performing replication workers
  • Access to hight demand regions
  • Emergency Phone/Chat/Email support
  • Custom features
  • Uptime SLA

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